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Tony Kaye Is A Behavioural & Communication Expert

He is an award-winning serial entrepreneur who has created not one but two 7-figure businesses and has personally helped over 2000+ entrepreneurs grow their business through improving their communication. More than that, he is a proud husband to his wife, Isla, being married for 15 years, and a proud father to two beautiful girls.

Tony Has Provided 2000+ Coaching Certifications Globally

Looking to join the hundreds of successfully certified competent coaches with Tony? You’re in for a ride! No matter where you’re starting from, whether you’re doubting your coaching ability or you’re unsure about your own path, Tony is here to help. Together, we’ll pave the way for you using our proven approach to certify you as a highly competent world class coach. 


Meet Tony


The driving force behind our world-class coaching competency training. Renowned globally for his expertise, Tony stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring coaches everywhere. With a passion for life and an unwavering commitment to sharing the “HOW,” Tony has propelled our NLP training company to unprecedented heights.

Drawing upon his profound understanding of transformational tools, Tony empowers individuals to create meaningful change in their lives. He holds the keys to success and is dedicated to equipping you with the skills needed to achieve your coaching goals. Whether you’re curious about NLP or ready to embark on your coaching journey, Tony offers unparalleled support to all his students. 

Get ready to unlock your potential and make a difference under Tony’s guidance. It’s time to meet the man behind the mission and discover the transformative power of NLP coaching

Become A NLP Certified Coach

Maybe you’re asking yourself how successful can you be, how much money you can make, what type of life you can live as a successfully certified component NLP coach . . . It’s a great question to ask

Become A Successful Coach With Global Recognition



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Join my free training and learn how to destroy the feeling of "Not being good enough" once and for all.

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The 5-Day NLP Coaching Competency Certification

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Day 1

Success Principals
The Secrets Of Rapport
Mastery Of Hypnotic Language Patters

Day 2

Story Telling For Client Breakthrough Explore Your Mind’s Secret Programming Software

Day 3

The Forces That Shape Our Behaviour Emotional Mastery

Day 4

Squash Your Scarcity Mindset NLP Strategic Interventions

Day 5

NLP Breakthrough Interventions Create Your Future Process

Expert Team Work

Model Excellence and install success behaviours at the unconscious level!

Communication is everything. Master communication and Master the results in your life.


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